Movin' On

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Above is a link for our travel plans.

Wow, with life this busy you think that I would have so much fodder for a blog. I could write about the wedding, or about moving, I could even write about finishing up my job, or the service trip to Mexico. But our house is an inferno so the last thing I want is to place a hot machine in my lap and plug away. But here I am, today is a special treat because I'm still at work!
Speaking of work, I have just 3 weeks left and one of those weeks is going to be in Pharr, Texas on a service trip with 6 students. This will be my last and final alternative break trip (Trip number 9!).

Ultimately the wedding seems far off; it seems fairly insignificant. I don't mean that in a bad way. I guess I mean it more like this: amid all the craziness of transitioning, of moving, of preparing to move, of worrying about money, of getting cars repaired, bills paid, tasks after task completed I feel more and more in love with Sean and assured of his love for me. We center one another amid all the craziness and with all the tensions that arise as mundane decisions must get made I am invited to be always my better self, always reflecting on how to care for his soul (as he cares for mine) in a gentler and most fully authentic way.

Once again my blogging leads me into a profession of love.


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