I only have 5.5 more dayso of work left at Assumption and then we will pack our things and be rid of Massachusetts.

Sean and I were in Colorodo for the weekend, celebrating his Mom's 50th birthday. As we flew into Boston at 5:15am while the sun was coming up I started reflecting on what this place has been to me. In 2003 I first came to Boston to look at graduate schools and for 4 years this state has been my home. It has been the dirt under my feet during the heavy grief of my Dad's death and has held me during the light breathlessness of falling in love. The dirt has gotten stuck between my toes while making friends, fighting off horrible apartment-mates, baptizing beloved babies, writing papers, and learning to fight the narrow minded Church.

There are still parts to be explored. I've been wanting to travel the Harbor Islands since before I moved here, I'd still love to go to a Red Sox game, I want to got to the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Arts or ride the T for one last time; I haven't yet camped in the Berkshires and explored all there is. Funny, how the weekends all fill when you have a limited amount of time to do things!

This is a place that I love. And thought I am excited to go I think that Massachusetts, particularly Cambridge and Boston are in my spirit. They will be places that always feel a little like coming home. Though Harvard square won't miss me (not that it has this year) and Worcester certianly won't, their will be times where I'll long for an abundance of bookstores, or a Dunkin' Doughnuts, or a run in with a New Englander who won't use "r"s.


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