Sean is at the grocery store. I am at home with the dog and the bees. Oh the bees? We seem to have a bee hive in the wall of the house. I might be more worried about it but the same was true for my apartment in Worcester. Everything I've read online says it's not a big deal really. So since we are just renters. . . so be it.

Today is a beautiful day in Seattle. It was clear and Sean and I went down to Pike Place Market and met a former student of mine for lunch. It was random but nice. We also went to mass at St. Patrick's on Capital Hill. After a much long hiatus from Mass it was nice, un-offensive, and even good at moments. Which for Sean and I, un-offensive is hard to achieve sometimes.

We are going camping for one night this week in the San Juan Islands. We are hoping to use some of the time as retreat time to work on and finish up many of the details for the wedding ceremony. If you are a prayer, and you get a chance, would you shoot one our way on Wednesday?

Alright, this blog entry was not my very best. But if I always wait for my very best then I'll almost never blog!


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