We are engaged! No surprise right.

Our boxes rest beside the curb waiting for the the recycling pick up.
OUr pictures, decorations, and all things needing a hammer and nail to put up are leaning against walls.

The wedding invitations are sitting on the buffet to be assembled, addressed and mailed out.
Nearly all the people involved in the ceremony have been called- but not all.
And soon the details of the wedding itself will be nearly finalized.

I am realizing that I started this blog to write about a wedding. But I am writing much more about being engaged. Not planning things but engaging in life- engaging in married life with Sean. Not quiet there- but almost. We are wrestling with our values in our decisions and explorations. Because so many of these values and so much of how we will choose to be married shows up in ordinary ways those are the things that I want to engage in this blog. As Sean and I really engage in eachother's lives, each others quirks, each others charming and annoying habits we participate in engagement. Preparation to be married. Sometimes centerpieces and caterers show up here- but I would rather get excited about how the City of Seattle subsidizes back yard composting of food scraps (they help us purchase a bin- we put it together and bury it properly) and how exciting he and I find this. Or how wonderful it is to have unpacked and have a guest room available for friends and people we love! Because these ordinary things are are engagement!


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