I love my daughter- finally, actually

It's not that I didn't love Junia from the beginning. It's that I was not one of these women that falls in love with her baby immediately and is swoony through postpartum. I have not enjoyed the first 4 weeks. Not only does recovery from a c-section suck but so does caring for someone who screams in your face, takes away all your freedom, and who has no respect for my intellect, emotional resources, or experiences.

But finally Sean and I have figured out more and more about how to be with her- how to bounce, how to decipher her cries, how we want to be parents, how we respond to her etc. We are not experts but, we are feeling less helpless and less hopeless. As we have gotten more confident she has started smiling at us. What sweet relief! She smiles when we sing and talk to her- she is on the verge of laughing. Essentially, she has gotten much more social.

So amid the continual lack of sleep and struggle with that we are falling in love with her. I'm starting to understand how it is that people love their children so much.


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