Some pictures from our ordinary

My hippy dippy granola eating self couldn't resist this photo! Sean singing and playing for our little one.

Can you find the baby? I just thought she looked so funny on the couch all by herself.

So many prints! Polka dots, swirls, and fairy tales! Oh and the baby amid it all. The sleeper was one of Sean's when he was a wee one!
We are totally co-bathers! You can see that her thumb is already half the size of mine! I don't think she inherited Doll fingers!

We were totally scoping each other out one morning...Sean was charmed...I was pleading with her to go back to sleep. She won.


  1. Only partially related:
    Your furniture is so pretty!

  2. Great pictures! Keep them coming. John and Kathy

  3. can you find the baby photo = gem. hilarious.


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