Garden update April. -Revised plan.

Okay ladies and Gents here is the 2014 revised garden plan.  Who knows what will actaully happen seeing as it is April 15 and there is no dirt in the raised beds, and beyond that the soil is probably too wet to plant anything. . . Hmmm.

Here is the garden as it is looking now (or yesterday to be factual.

I have a sneaking suspicion that none of those pictures are helpful. But, I don't know what to tell you, and even if they were helpful they aren't good pictures so I'm not rehashing things.

We also don't yet have a deer fence (all the way) put up as I cannot see putting up a deer fence all the way up until we have soil in the raised beds.  But I am also not planting anything in the small bits of soil that are drained well because I cannot see planting things only to give them to the deer, I would rather blame myself than all the Bambii's out there.  My plan for a gate is to actually get an old door from a restore and actually just hinge it to the blue spruce tree that is in the garden (which will probably bet cut down but I might keep the stump just for the door factor.

I don't actually want to move the raspberries this year- they have moved every year since I got them (3 years
ago?? Or 4?) and I think they should just stay up by the house for another year.  I should give them some time
recover from their various moves.

If you look at the garden plan you will see there is essentially a navy blue frame around the entire garden.  The
 roots, stumps etc of all the stuff I have cleared hasn't been removed from the edges.  So what I thought was
750 square feet is substantially less. Initially I was disappointed, but since we ware probably getting a late start
on the garden anyway I figure it's not a big deal anwyay.

After all the rain we got in March I have also realized I have to find a plan for the water. I have stared digging a
trench just on the other side of the fence.  I dug about 18 inches yesterday, It hasn't rained in about 5 days here
in Seattle- and at the end of the day their was about 6" of water in it.  Needless to say, I've got some wet soil.

And, finally here is a tiny bit of produce we have actually gotten. Behold a box full of nettles. Nettles grow like
weeds here. Probably because they are!  We foraged them. They make great tea and pesto and are unbelievable
on pizza! Huh...who knew?

We'll that's about all from the garden front.


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