Courtesy of some very generous grandparents Sean and I got away this past weekend! We managed to set a date on the calendar in February.  Though people usually take vacation after a super stressful time in their work we couldn't squeeze that in as well. So we decided to do it before Easter, which is my busy time.  We asked people to recommend cheap places- but the recommendations mostly just made us realize that we already had a good deal...

 As we were planning we had a couple frameworks:
A.  We were looking for something that was driving  distance from Portland, OR.
B. We wanted to do something that we probably wouldn't do with our small children.

So we ended up visiting Redwood National Park in (very) northern California and stayed at a lovely inn called the Requa Inn.  We at an amazing dinner their the night we arrived and their was a bountiful breakfast every morning (free breakfast) which made the inn really seem like a steal of a deal when we considered not having to purchase breakfast additionally.

The drive to their was a long haul but because we CANNOT do 6+ hour drives with the kids very well we decided to view that as part of the adventure. We had lunch in Eugene, a snack in Grant's Pass and enjoyed the trip with various stops along the way.  We didn't take too many pictures, but here are a handful.

 Teh redwoods once seen, leave a mark or a create a vision that says with you always...from them comes silence and a we. The most irreverent of men in teh rpesence of redwoods goes under a spelll of wonder and respect."


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