Happy Birthday Miriam Zita.

Last weekend our ridiculous fun, cuddly, opinionated and very silly Miriam turned two!  We celebrated simply with Pizza (this is how we celebrate everything in this house!), cake, and a few presents.

In the past several months Miriam's personality has exploded! She tough and at the same time she has not lost her cuddliness.  She is so so verbal- calling a flowering magnolia tree a "noodle tree" or concerning herself with the holes in her footed pajamas, "jamas cracked jamas cracked!"  This little one is so so easy to communicate with and even though she gets upset she does so well with a little bit of explanation.

Often when Miriam is fussy or crying she just needs someone to sit down with her and cuddle.  Seriously, she likes to cuddle and be touched more than anyone I have ever met.   6 months ago she was huge in size and in the past 6 months she has stayed much the same.  She is a tad bit taller, but with all the running, jumping and climbing she does her body is slowly morphing from a toddler body to a kid body.  Though she is still big for sure! In March (21 months) she was wearing a pair of shoes that Junia got for her 3rd birthday! Wow!

Miriam is also so friendly. She is a kid who says hi and bye to everyone, she smiles easily, helps out, and in general seems unafraid of the world.  She is bold (like her Mama!) and such a joy to be around.  This is also a girl who loves her routine!  Though she can manage a day with an oddly placed nap she can be a bit obsessive when she wants her nap, "Tired. Tired! Tired!!!" or about how many blankets you put on her (usually 4) or which animals and babies are sleeping with her.  Seriously, this is a person who loves routine!

So as Miriam is now 2  I cannot wait to see who She becomes.  Though some might say, "can you believe your baby is 2." I really just cannot believe that she was every so personality-less to have been a baby.  She oozes personality in a way that newborns simply can't. . . and in a way that is all her.

Happy Birthday Miriam.!


  1. Happiest birthday to sweet Miriam. We share a birthday, ya know! It is so fun to hear what/who she is becoming -- personality, etc. It has been a while since I came over to see you -- can't even remember when that was last year. I'm sure both girls have changed so much since then.

    And I love your clock cake --- what a great tradition that is! I had never heard of it til you told me about it.

  2. She is a wonder and a joy and a hoot and a dorable. :)



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