What are we doing for Lent you ask?
I have no idea, and I am trying to conjur up some energy to even care.
I think that for lent I will slowly become more and more sleep deprived, I will nourish another person's body, I will search for the energy to go back to work at the end of lent.

Is that enough?

I have been thinking a lot about lent.
I have been thinking about some of the reflections people left on facebook.  Pondering this season where we take control by "giving up" or doing "penance" and "almsgiving" but really this season is about absolutely letting go of control. Letting God's largeness, God's expansive love slowly come into the darkness that can be this life.

I have also been reading so many of the poems and reflections about dust in the context of the dust in my house...the unclean parts of my parenting world...

If you can't tell I am preparing a retreat for a group of women I am a part of, I am enjoying it but totally intimidated by it.  I am thinking about a lot of things through this lens.


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