Settling in...Week of 5.

I really really really hated the last month of pregnancy.

I just couldn't handle all the strangers talking to me. I probably posted about it so I won't go into it here.  But in the back of my head was a fear that this was going to bite me in the a$$.  I feared that I was going to get this new baby home and it would all be so hard that I would wish myself pregnant again.

Now, we aren't even fully two weeks into this family of 5 thing.  So don't get me wrong, this could all go to hell in a handbasket but really things are so lovely right now.

I am falling crazy in love with Thomas.  The fleeting nature of being the center of his universe is something I am more willing to accept than I ever was with the other kids. He's not totally torturing us with sleep, and the girls and Sean also adore him. The communal adoration of him is so fun that we are all game!

For whatever reason nursing is working WAY better than it has with the girls.  I actually seem to be feeding this kid enough.  So he is actually sleepy.  We have never had a baby in this family who slept for long stretches.  It is awesome and weird. He will actually sleep for two hour chunks.  The girls really only slept for 20 or 30 minutes or so at a time during the day.  This is very very different.  I am, however, more and more convinced that my children were hungry for the first 4-6 months.

Despite some of the chaotic logistics of our days- taking two kids to preschool at different times with just 1 hour for lunch and trying to make sure youngest children nap and also that we do pick-up and drop of without being obscenely late etc- we are also managing okay.  WE have had a friend pick up Miriam to take her to school this week which has been very helpful, and I have nursed Thomas while trying to eat lunch everytime this week- but all in all it is functional.
Yesterday AM- Junia, Thomas and I spent a long hour at the beach!
So that's the update. I have to get a tooth removed tomorrow.  It has been bothering me for several months and now that I am not pregnant it is the time to get it out.  Uggghhh the dread.  And yes, the relief.


  1. Good luck with the tooth today. I have tried unsuccessfully for years to post comments. John helped me figure it out a couple of days ago. I promise I won't inundate you with my thoughts/comments!! I'm so glad that your family of 5 is doing well. Love to all, Kathy

  2. you can inundate me. positive comments are one of the best parts of blogging...


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