What to do with 3 kids and an hour of Freedom

Sean took the Mixed Nuts (aka Children) to a high school basketball game.  Boldly he set off with a whiny 2 year old, a clingy 5 year old, and a very chill unless hungry 3 week old.

My one hour of freedom...What would you do?  Seriously I am interested in what you would do?

I very quickly tossed together cookie dough.
I started the bath.
I grabbed the novel I am reading (Mary Coin and I just finished Burial Rites)
and immersed myself in the warm water with a book, a glass of milk, and a scoop of cookie dough.

Does it get better than that?

And now, alas I am bathed, cozy, and blogging.
Dreaming of creating a garden plan and budget.
And making myself a Bourbon on the Rocks.


  1. Sounds all great to me! And how were the mixed nuts after THEIR outing? And Sean?


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