being a hypocrite---leggings are not pants---image and likeness of God.

Every so often people in my facebook feed post pictures of fat people in leggings or people wearing too much tan who look naked or see through clothes that reveal the body.  Then people write things like,

"Leggings are not pants."
"She is so fat."
"She should not"
(it's almost always she)

I am sure you could go on youtube and find hundreds of thousands of videos meant to mock people and their physical form.


My facebook feed is also full of people saying, "pay attention to black lives." "pay attention to refugees" "pay attention to the marginalized, those in need, religious minorities, ethnic minorities, and all that jazz.  They encourage me to....

step up an have compassion
share the horrors of the world so that people are not forgotten
motivate me to action.


I want to be a person of love. I believe that we are all created in the image and likeness of God.

I am a person who, as best as I am able, listens to the voices of the marginalized, the poor, the voiceless...
I believe that no life deserves the suffering and violence that is caused by cruelty....
I seek not to marginalize or cause cruelty

but if I spend my time mocking what people wear, judging celebrities, or being horrified by a clothing choice then I am hypocrite (we all are sometimes).

To believe that each person matters means that even people who wear leggings as pants, who are large and wear tight see through clothes or whatever are worthy of love...and not despite their choices- but actually their choices are in some way an opportunity to say, "this person is created in the image and likeness of God, to be offended that I can see so much of it- is to deny that God created that too."

And these are the things I muse on while caring for my kiddos.


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