Garden Start 2015

Following Steve Solomon's Growing Vegetables West of the Cascades,  I've been planting seeds every 2 weeks or so in our garden. Things are growing well in some parts and not so much in others.
(Pictures taken 3 weeks ago so things look even better than this!)

The spinach is coming in: slowly but surely.

The bugs have eaten most of the broccili.

The peas look great but we still haven't eaten any.

Last year's strawberries are growing and we will have some fruit- but I suspect the raccoons will eat them before we do.

we only had 2 asparagus plants survive from last year.  So this year I ordered a new bundle of them and put them in a different place and a raised bed. Cross our fingers!

Onions are going. Leeks are going. Chard is going but I fear they will fall into the fate of the broccoli.

We bought some kale starts.

I just tossed a bunch of different lettuce seeds together into a spot in the filing cabinet we have lettuce sprouts all over the place!

I trimmed the flowers off the blueberry bushes- I'm trying to get them to spend this year growing larger rather than growing fruit. I have no idea if this is recommended or not...

And after moving to 3 different houses our raspberries are actually settling in well and doing good. We will see if I can expand them over time!

The garlic we planted in February has been this year's prize! I don't know how the flavor will be but the shoots are delicious and I am excited to harvest them this summer.

I've got plans for Pumpkins, tomatoes, peppers, green beans, and summer squash. . . but they are all awaiting warmer soil.


  1. What a marvel you are! And such a great experience for the kiddos. I hear garlic shoots themselves are a prized thing. You continue to amaze me, dear friend.


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