Visit to Moclips, WA

We just got back from a just for fun trip to Moclips,WA.  The Washington Coast is one of the hidden gems of WA.  You see the Oregon coast and California get all the play around here....

But it is oh so lovely.

 These kiddos love the beach. When we went out to the dunes when we first arrived Miriam just ran around saying, "I love it, I love it, I love it."

Well. She loves it.
Sunset over the sand dunes.

Junia and I running from the incoming waves...and wearing our foam boots.


  1. YES! LOVE the ocean beaches. So big, and wide, and open and glorious!

    (There used to be a great place to rent bungalows right on the beach near there in Ocean City, but unfortunately they closed a few years back. Would have been perfect for your little family. Though I'm sure there are others.)


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