On Family

I found myself missing my family of origin this past holiday.  There were a lot of reasons why that was strong this year but that got me thinking a lot about what kind of traits I really love about my family of origin.

Above all I love that my family visits.

We don't always ask deep questions. We don't always discuss  profound obsevations. We aren't always raw or vulnerable but we visit.  We swap stories.  We laugh. Sometimes tensions arise and then on rare occasions people are vulnerable and real and our love cracks through the surface.

My family lingers over meals.  Meals can last a long time.  Once the littles have eaten and we adults slowly pick at their plates and visit.  Our napkins soaking in the gravy on our plate and us just sitting.

My family, especially my siblings, know how to play games together! Oh how I miss games. I love card games or board games and all sorts of games. I love the silliness that can arise when we play "Nouns in a Walnut Bowl" (our family version of charades) or the chatter over "Ticket to Ride."

I love that we are all expected to participate

Okay to be honest I don't always like doing dishes at family gatherings.  Sometimes things are not quite what I would eat or cook or whatever. But then I get to see what my Sister will make from leftovers, what my brother Tim thinks is the latest Trader Joe's specialty, what Jake can make that goes with ranch dressing, and what recipe my brother Adam and his wife picked up from work.    There is always the chance for us to chip in.  I like that.  It makes me feel like a grown up.  It helps us all share some responsibility and share a sliver of who we are.

All in all it is lovely.  Of course it's not perfect or dreamy. Sometimes the kids drive us crazy and my siblings are very ideologically diverse so there can be tensions.  But these days, I miss it.


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