Summer. Oh Summer

It must be summer. It must be, because I cannot remember the last time I washed my straight white girl hair (which usually gets washed daily).  It must be because I can also smell myself.  I am not just staying that because I fear everyone else is thinking that.  No I can actually smell myself. Oh and brush my teeth today. Nope not yet.

Apparently when summer comes in, the first thing that goes in hygiene.

It's also summer because the slip n' slide is flopped over on the yard.  Their are cloth napkins spewed about the patio, I would like a beer- NOW. And it is finally hot.

What else about summer: trying craft projects, getting mad at my kids, letting the garden go with out much maintenance and being surprised that it doesn't really need me.    Dirty sandals, scabby legs, messy kitchen (again and again), otter pop wrappers. two days a week of work, 5 days a week worried about work, fruit ripening (too slowly), and fall coming too quickly..

This is summer in the life I lead.
I don't think I can complain.


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