What the heck

What the heck is going on with us is a reasonable question.  I drop a landmine like we are moving and then I don't write almost anything for the months.  It is hard to prioritize writing when we are selling a house (it sold!) and buying a house (we have a house!) and packing (we are packing!) and planning a summer (4th of July is the official start of summer in the PNW)

So what are we doing.

Today is Tuesday the 4th of July: America's Independence Day.
Tomorrow is Sean's last day of work :(
We will join him for a final bit of his work party.
Then we will go to friends house for dinner and say (another) goodbye to people we love.

After that, in less detail, we are headed to Portland for a week to be with Sean's parents and then we are off to my home (southern Illinois) for 2 weeks.

Sean's first day of work starts July 31 and the girls start school on August 2nd.
We won't move into our house until the end of August (we get the keys on the 22nd) so we are going to be spending 3 weeks in a residence inn.

My guess is that I will have a lot to write in July and  August and then I'll disappear again until October or so.

I have so many thoughts about moving and about saying goodbye.
I have so many feelings about loss and about hope and the vulnerability of being excited and joyful about change.

But those are not for today.


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