Have I ever proclaimed to the world that I have a god-daughter? This wise little soul lives on the other coast. Which means that She's growing up- and I am a million miles from her day to day, but I hold out hope that at some point in our lives we will come together. Her parents, dear friends of ours, chose to have 2 other God-mothers for their little wise one!

S and I loved the idea of giving a girl-child strong women role models, and when it comes to choosing Junia's God parents there wasn't a man who quite fit into the picture. So we have chosen 3 women who will become, we hope, models for J of people who live their faith as expressed in their values and daily lives. We have chosen 3 women who are beloved to us, who are family, and who will become family for J.

Oh, that also means that we are having a baptism on Sunday at 9:30 at our church and a party and blessing at home afterwards- so if you are around please join us!


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