Sewing Update

So there is good news on the sewing front!

Every year people at work raise money during lent to give to Catholic Relief Services. So in doing this people auction off services. Coffee delivery, free lunch, fudge, lessons, etc. So one awesome collegue bought me a sewing lesson from another collegue!

So my lesson began with going to the fabric store with N to go pick out 2 patterns, learn how to read them, picking out fabric, learning how to tell how much to get cut etc. So we are on our way. Our next step is to actually sit down with a machine and get going. N promises that it won't take more than 1.5 hours per project. I'm skeptical that it will go that quickly. I think that she is overestimating me, but I'm excited too.


  1. Lucky you! I wish I had learned to sew a long, long time ago, but alas, that is NOT one of my gifts. My sister got the "amazing seamstress" talent in our family. Good luck!!


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