Therapy Awaits

My insurance at work is changing. Getting worse.

After Junia was born it was pretty clear that both S and I needed to process what had happened. We met with our midwife and doctor and talked about things but even if they could have clarified what the hell happened. We are pretty sure they couldn't dissolve all of the emotional stuff.

We knew we should talk to someone. I looked into a support group for women who had traumatic births, but I knew the facilitator was bad (and they met until 10pm!). So now that life has simmered down, our little person has a routine, and we have a nice little kick in the pants from my insurance company we are going to go see a therapist to talk things through.

We just need to talk it out. Cry it out. And really, let the fear of ever having other children burn down a little bit. So this Saturday we are meeting with someone to begin this process. We'll see how it goes. Probably better than the last therapist I had. He fell asleep at our second to last visit.


  1. >>>He fell asleep at our second to last visit. >>>

    OMG -- no way! Good luck this weekend then!


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