I should have been your grandmother

Do you know where my camera is? It has a bright yellow scarf strap? It's been all over the house the last couple of weeks but I cannot seem to remember where I saw it last. Or, I remember but it isn't there. If you find it, let me know. I want to show you pictures of the pickled asparagus or rosemary rhubarb jam that I made. Or show a nice shot of Junia's 5 (and soon 6) teeth or her laughter on the swings at the park.

But instead you have to imagine all these things. I guess you would anyway, pictures are a window- our imaginations create the rest of the story.

So about these pickled asparagus! I put together a couple of recipes from online and from some cookbooks and worked with the ingredients we had. They are some mother-puckery pickles by golly! But they are crisp and yummy. And today they reached their highest peak! They reached the point that every pickle wants to be! Next to our grilled italian sausage- Sean's homemade mustard (yikes it has a bite!) and an a slice of sourdough bread these pickles became foodgasm! I think the asparagus that we had grilled (which was also VERY good) was quite jealous of the pickled stuff!

About the teeth. Yes, well Junia's gums have been hurting her- because some bone like beast has been pushing through them. She's been pretty good but is having a little more drama than usual. It's just funny to see these teeth poking through. She doesn't think it's very funny though. I confess, teething isn't as bad as I feared. Her pain cry is so different, it's really obvious when its that over other things.

And the jam. . . Well I got it from the Food in Jars blog that I follow. It is better than I imagined!

Oh, and even if I had a camera, I wouldn't show you how I look like a lobstah. I guess the April sun is more powerful than I remember!


  1. You two are amazing - homemade everything, including a baby, AND two full time jobs!! XO.


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