A new job

I finally feel as though I am catching my breath from the whirlwind that was the month of May- two work related retreats, two trips flying with an infant, a job interview, trying to get a garden in, and worst of all a million things to do when I expected things to be slow. -Perhaps it was the expectations that bit me in the butt.

But finally, summer is approaching and starting next week I have 8 weeks off for summer vacation before I start work. Notice I am not saying, "before I start BACK to work." Because, I will be starting a new position in the fall. That job interview I had in May- we'll I found out a week ago they wanted to hire me. I have since accepted and will be working at a local Jesuit College as a Campus Minister for Faith Formation.

But before all that begins- I am delighted to be at home for 8 weeks.


  1. Hooray! Congratulations! Hopefully summer will arrive sometime in the next 8 weeks and you and the baby girl can enjoy it together!

  2. Rachel, this new job is great news. Congratuations! We hope you and Junia have a relaxing and fun summer. Love to all three of you. Kathy


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