Sewing update

My sewing lessons have paid off. I made a dress for Junia that probably won't fit her for another year but thankfully dresses wait patiently. I made myself a dress with a skirt that's so tight it's indecent- but I think repairable- and a sunbonnet.

Both of the dresses were from patterns but the sunbonnet I just whipped up today. I had a red sunbonnet of this same style that my mom gave me to have Junia wear. I had worn it as a child. Anyway, I love this little bonnet and thought I might be able to put together something similar. After weeks of pondering and and hour of work here is a very cute sunbonnet...sadly I have a baby that hates wearing hats. I think I am going to make a couple of these and see if I can sell any on my etsy account.

Anyway, I think my sewing skills are on the way! Thanks Jami for buying them for me! Thanks Nicolette for enduring my impatience!


  1. Oh, Rachel. This makes me terribly happy.
    I love a good bonnet!

  2. Oh good Lord! I almost died of cuteness. First of all, your daughter is beautiful. Secondly, that bonnet is darling...or, as it's pronounced here: Dahhlin'

    I applaud your forbearance in learning how to sew. I've always wanted to learn myself and attempted quilting once, but I just had a fit every time I sat down to the machine. Can't wait to see what else you whip up.

  3. Rachel, you're so talented! Yes, at sewing but, also, at making cute kids. You're almost as good as your Mom! Love to all of you. J & K

  4. that bonnet is SO FREAKIN CUTE. i wish i had a kid (okay maybe not really.... at least not at this non-married/dating somoeone, 23yo, semi-employed point in my life)just so i could dress them in one


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