Teeny Tiny voice.

S and I have one of these amazing babies who will smile at strangers, be content in anyone's arms (or discontent in anyone's if that is the case), is not concerned when we leave the room, and who in general seems to be an amiable extrovert. What a delight this has been. It has allowed me to take Junia to work, leave her with babysitters, go to the bathroom without her etc.

I can imagine all those parents with super clingy babies dreaming of having a stranger friendly little person except that the one thing about having a clingy baby is you know exactly where you stand in that child's eyes. To him or her you are everything, and unequivocally you are the center of it all. So when you have a child who is so friendly to everyone their is a tiny voice in you that wants your child to be a little clingy.


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