Goodbye sleep...hello growth spurt!

I am not sure I considered this when asking my sister to come be with me for this week.  But 5-6 weeks is a major growth spurt and  developmental shift for new babies.  Which means...they suck.  They make parents go apeshit crazy...they like to go for walks in wee morning hours...they ensure that on their Papa's busiest work week of the year that he's not the only one who is pissy.

That's right...Miriam is making us crazy.

So I thought I should formally wish my old friend a goodbye. . . Goodbye sleep. Know that I am missing you. I was unfaithful...parenthood is the deepest infidelity to you Old Sleep.  Despite our 2 year come back  I know our relationship has been in the rocks since the end of February or so..I wanted to spend more time with you but my bladder and I were in it hot and heavy...and then the baby was born...Oh these first five weeks have offered us passing glances, a few stolen moment, but I knew that things wouldn't relationship with you I knew was one that we would get back together and break up several times...that's how we do it.  But we have to say goodbye again.  Sure I'll wave to you from a nap...perhaps we'll hook up even on periodic nights.  If we are lucky our relationship will set in again soon. But, be warned, it could be awhile. I might be out of town...or worse yet...working overtime.

You see, I am not in charge of our relationship.
Someone else has the helm.
Until then, know that I am thinking of you.

Anyway, this sucks. Not deeply but everything that suck is really bad when you are sleep deprived.


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