Notes from a growing family...3

We are sleep deprived but are trying to tell ourselves to go with it.
In fact, our new mantra is "I am a good -parent-worker-blogger-gardener-whatever even when I am tired.  Instead of focusing on the limitations that tiredness places on us...we are going to earn some grey hairs and go with it.

Our week with family being out here was wonderful though I think the toddler has picked up a few bad habits or is just trying to reconnect in toddler ish ways.  Friday she laughed at me when I told her to do something.  I almost lost it.  Perhaps I did lose it actually.

I really really really miss my ability to be productive.  Will it ever come back? Someone please tell me that I will feel productive, and have some time for creativity again some day.

Also, please tell me how to get a baby to go into night mode earlier. Seriously. Help if you have some sound advice.

I really wish summer in Seattle was underway. We are still stuck in the rainy cloudy season. It is hurting my heart.  All of this would be more tolerable if it were sunny.

Yup, we now have one of those kids that goes out of the house wearing wings and a hula skirt.  Or today a dragon costume. She told us she was "puff the magic dragon."

We went on a walk last night.  Miriam cried the whole time. I escalated. Sean escalated. Miriam escalated. Junia and Maggie were cool about the whole thing.

Everything just feels pretty hard a chaotic.  Not impossible mind you. I think with baby #1 things felt impossible.  But just hard. Like packing for a trip.  I know that I have to start list making and thinking about things now...and packing and laundry doing 3 or 4 days in advance and blah blah blah.  I also know that I have to do this in stolen moments.  It sucks. But it is possible.

Thank GOD for all the food and meals people have brought us.  Seriously we are still eating through their leftovers.  I believe I would be a hell of a lot more frustrated with this whole living thing if it wasn't for them.

Thank you neighborhood for having a gymnastics gym.

At the end of the day the hardest part of this is that having a good conversation with Sean is very hard. The emotional resources, the presence, the openness, and curiosity are harder when you are operating with a 7 week old and a toddler.

Do you have two or more kids? How do you do it?
Do you come from a family of more than one child? How did your family do it?


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