My relative quiet

My relative silence this week has not been due to total overwhelm-tion.  I've been busy with my sister and her kids in town and then mid-week heading to Vashon Island with them for a change of scenery.

Sean's work was CRAZY busy this week. Anticipating this we planned to make this the week that my sister came to help out.   She brought her 9 year old and her 2 year old with her.  It has been amazing to have her here.  So so good.  I didn't realize in the plans would coincide with the 6 week baby mix up where baby Miriam would be in chaos so her sleep, wake, cycle would be off.  What a gift that she has been her to baby wear, hold, and just lament with.

So in all of this.  With her kids and my kids and our wonderful partners too here are my observations.

A fairly compliant 9 year old is a wonderful set of hands with three kids under three around.
A sick kid takes up more energy than many healthy kids combined.
My sister is more generous than I might ever hope to be.  Seriously, being this much of a "giver" is something I strive to be but I am not a natural at.
Breastfeeding makes me ravenous.  The 25 pounds I lost post pregnancy is going to comeback swiftly or this baby is going to be huge!
Getting out of our house and being at a rental vacation home with another family while they are "helping" has been great.  Out of our house is super helpful!

Umm we will see what else comes up...


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