S is on call tonight which means sleeping at the hospital.  Here I am. The little women are asleep finally and I am reading a book about silence.  Quiet moments in my life are enough to convince me of how much I love and crave it.

The long silences are harder I'm sure.  But this stage in life doesn't really account for that.

Blessed be the noise that is all around me.
And blessed be my moments of silence.

Gifts are the moments of patience.
Gifts are the moments of sweetness and light.

Blessed are the noises of frustration.
The trials of will.

Embrace the fussy overtired baby.
Embrace the sweet smell of spit up and baby shampoo.

Delight in the laughter of a three year old.
Warm to the smile of a baby's recognition.

Blessed is this parenthood.
Blessed is the embrace of this family.


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