Notes from a growing family 5

There is quiet; the house is clean; the sun is shining.
The trifecta.

It's been awhile since I've blogged, so here are a few windows into my life.

The life of catching boats and buses and getting to work and getting our children loved well is chaotic.  But lovely.  There is a woman who rides the water taxi every day perhaps in her 60's maybe a bit older maybe a bit younger.  She rides a Razor scooter.  Unpowered and as agile as a 16 year old boy.  She makes me smile.

On this same morning ferry there is a group of 4 who play cards. Every morning.  I secretly want to join them. I love cards. Though, I am relishing my quiet time.  I am hoping to use it for journaling, writing and reading. . .

Our house is cozy.  I am looking forward to the fall rains and lighting a fire in our woodstove.  But for now I am desperately enjoying our decks, having most things unpacked and for this lovely weekend enjoying our first guests!

Sure we have a few boxes. My sewing stuff is untouched and we have a box labeled- "don't bother until the end".  Our storage shed could use a couple hours of work.  But we are as moved in as some people ever get!

Work is wild. This is a busy time for both Sean and I.  But wait---there is news in Sean's work he passed a major step in his career. Without going into the details he is on his way to being certified! Yipee!

My work is feeling a bit overwhelming but good too.  I'm ambivalent about it all but I think that's just reality.  I am looking forward to parts of relationships with the people I work with and work for...what a lovely year ahead.

Oh and my little ones! Miriam is getting hug.  She has chubby little thighs and her hair is turning very very blonde.  Her sleep is unpredictable both at night and during the day.  But overall, she is a delightful baby.  Really, she is quite a joy.

Junia is a joy- in goofy lovely ways.  She is silly, playful, giggly and prone to tantrums, whining and resisting sleep.  Sounds like a three year old huh?!  I think that with the age of your children comes complexity of emotion.  Today, Junia fell off of her bed.  Except she was supposed to be sleeping and she was standing on it.  So when I went to console her I was both irritated, sympathetic, sad, worried, and happy to hold her.  Such a mix of feelings all right there in the pool!

So that is the window.  More blogging will commence!


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