Photos...chaos. Unpacking.

I am sick and tired of packing and unpacking and not being at home.  But alas, we are headed to Wisconsin in upcoming days.  So I am packing again and hating every minute of it.

The logistics of our lives overwhelm me...childcare...airplanes...preschool...ferry    Today I sat in the shower and cried.  I think it is hitting me. The transition from being at home on maternity leave to being on the verge of going back to work full time.  Saying goodbye to our old house, neighborhood and most of all our familiar...

So I'm posting the above pictures to remind myself that I now live in a place where we can go to the beach for a morning outing.

And, because you are curious here are some more photos of our house moved into...

Doesn't this look like a fun nook to play in. A basket full of dress up clothes along with a table, a play kitchen and 2 (count them 2) parasols should entertain for awhile!  We choose to keep the dress up toys downstairs as they tend to be easier to pick up then the little people dollhouse kind of toys.

And here is a cozy nook for the grown ups. (and the baby)
 I have to share some photos of her.

She really has turned into a very happy and very easy going baby. We are so lucky to have Miriam Zita!

And our kitchen and dining room.  But wait! Where is the table?  It is outside. . . drying. We polyurethaned the top.

See...look through the window into the backyard. There it is drying.

and cheer myself up over how hard all these logistics are.  Here are some pictures from my morning commute.


  1. So jealous, Rachel! What a beautiful view!

  2. Rachel! What a beautiful view! And such cute pictures of the girls!

  3. Rachel, I've been meaning to call and commiserate with you on the trials of packing/unpacking. I'm nearly finished after 2.5 days and it's only me! I can't imagine what its like for you. Also, I'm bummed I am not in Wisconsin for your visit. I will call and catch up next week when hopefully things are more settled for both of us...


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