House tour and thoughts.

I haven't blogged much lately. Seems like moving has taken up all of my free moments.  Here are some pictures and some notes though:

1. Our new stairs aren't so creaky. Praise the Lord we are not trapped in our bedroom once the girls go to sleep.

2. Except that Miriam never goes to sleep anymore.  I think she was up about 12 times last night. That's right we were in sleep mode for 10 hours and she woke up about 12 times.

3. Which reminds me that I have been thinking about how parenthood strips away our illusion that we have our emotions under control.  Like rage- I know all about that one.

4. Sometimes we can hear the ferries.  And the neighborhood dogs have barking jags.  And the trees make quite a ruckus when there is a breese.  Jeesh things are different here.

5. Apparently it is hot in Seattle.  I have worn jeans and a t-shirt every day this week and been chilly for most of the morning.

6. Packing sucks. Unpacking sucks.  Though somehow this was much easier than moving from Worcester to Seattle even though we were childless at the time.

7.  Where the hell is the door shoe hangy thing?  I cannot find it an it is really slowing the pace of getting our room in order and what is in that box on our dresser anyway?

8.  This morning we went to the beach. Just cuz.  It was awesome to just go to the beach for a couple of hours.  That was of course after I went to the Burton Coffee shack to pay for the latte that I got on Friday but didn't have cash to pay for.

9. I kinda like having carpet in the bedrooms it makes it cozy.

10. I am dreading going back to work full time. God save me from it!

Okay, here is the house tour. The downstairs is basically shaped like a U....You walk in the top of the U and the first half of it is the living room and then the dining room and kitchen and at the bottom of the U and then the final half is the bathroom and guestroom.

Here is the kitchen taken from the back door.  To the left is the dining room and living room.

Turned around from that door is the deck.

And the barn- which housed our landlord's studio.

And our badmitten court :)  

And our pile of boxes and things that need to go to storage.

This is taken right at the front door looking to the right.  On the left are stairs that lead to two bedrooms.

Here is a bit further into the living room. See that vent in the bottom right it's right next to the bookshelf you just saw.

Sorry I didn't rotate these.  But this is our favorite feature...the amazing spice shelf next to the fridge.

Are you ready to come stay with us. We are almost ready for you.

And then you can deal with this one in the middle of the night. Please!

Things aren't this chaotic right now. We are further along in the unpacking. But this is from the front door looking straight ahead. So kidland is on your right and stairs on your left.

And this is standing at the other end of that room. My booty was right by the woodstove.

With my booty by the woodstove I then turned right and this is the kitchen.

Okay that's the tour.  The upstairs will come later.


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