A pat on the back. . not breastfeeding

Here's another part of my pat on the back series...what are you doing well as a parent?

I've written about breastfeeding, my struggle to enjoy it, my ambivalence about quitting, the problem of not producing enough milk but not wanting to move mountians to make more...and the struggle in my equitable relationship that much of this brought on.

We'll Miriam and I have been free of Breastfeeding for months now and I don't regret it at all. I love not breastfeeding

Seriously. I am thrilled to have many ways to comfort her. I love being able to position her in lots of different ways to give her a bottle. I delight in being able to give her a bottle in the car sometimes or yes, heaven forbid even sometimes prop a bottle in her bed (thunder just boomed and lighting struck).

Today we were at story time and a woman who has a little one exactly Miriam's age was nursing in the middle of it. It was lovely. She could just feed her baby right there. No worries about being late for lunch or packing a bottle. It was short and sweet and seemed to be great for them.  But in witnessing it I was relieved it wasn't me.  

My relationship with Miriam is better for it. I didn't relish or even like being someone's food source, I am too proud or selfish to really do that for very long and in the end It was the right choice for me.

And, despite all odds the guilt of being in this place...which is ever so strong...is actually gone. I'm loving it.


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