I've been kinda sick. Not super sick- just the kind of sick that makes me wonder if I should take a day off of work and then I don't do it.

I've also been kind of down and kind of stressed.  Work has been more chaotic than I, or anyone, would like.  Thankfully it hasn't been tragic.

James Keenan, SJ describes mercy as entering into the chaos of another person.
I love that understanding of Mercy. It makes a good doctor- a merciful doctor or a good parent a merciful parent...maybe even it makes kids, by default, merciful of their parents (wow now that is an interesting topic!)

What I want right now is a sense of the mercy of God.
A sense, that She is entering into our chaos.

What would it feel like if She entered into our chaos with us?
Or, moreoever, how would that impact my thinking as well?


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