Notes from a growing family- irritations

Age 3 is extreme. Dealing with this three year old is driving me bonkers some moments and other moments it is the sweetest purest form of love.

And, all the back and forth is crazy making!

Miriam is sleeping better. She is reliably sleeping through the night. So 10 months in we are really starting to feel like ourselves again. Heck we are even staying up until 10pm some nights.  Of course we have our off nights but she is doing great.  The kicker we think is that the room she sleeps in has to be warm. Like 75 degrees our heating bill is killing us...but it's sort of our cost for good sleep.

She is also crawling.  VERY VERY slowly. She doesn't really give a shit about the crawling. Mostly she crawl to something and tries to stand up. That seems to be her primary goal right now.

Being present to playing is hard. I know that Junia benefits from it, but
a. she is never full enough of 1:1 time
b. playing with a 3 year old gets boring.

This has been a hard week not in terms of kids actually. Mostly it is other stuff, in fact, this winter has been kind of bumpy. It seems like the clouds have been pounding at my spirit.  Oh authorities, start listening and be generous.

Junia is hovering over me saying, "press j" so here goes for her jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj. "now J. u. n. I. A." so here goes J UN IA .

Oh, and her's the thing that is driving me most crazy.  When we ask Junia to do or not do things it goes like this:

 "Junia please don't stick your head in the oven."
and she says, "I know."
"Junia get your head out of the oven!"
"I know"

I hate, hate, hate that response. Because damnit if you knew you wouldn't do it.
She is starting to get time-outs for saying that because it is so deeply horribly aggravating.

So now I have to be done soon because I said, "can I have 10 minutes by myself." and that is about over.
Dear God I am already spent and it is 10am.
I'm not sure blogging all these feelings actually helped this time.

Maybe I should shower and dress.
I bet that'll help.
Maybe J can play swimming pool while I do and then we will go to the post office.


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