Bring your daughter to work day...our style.

Junia has been asking to join me at work for a couple of weeks. I ran it by my supervisor and I brought her with me on Monday.  I didn't have any meetings planned (or so I thought) and figured it would be an easy day.

She got up and dressed when I did.
Had breakfast with me.
Walked to the bus stop.
Rode the Water Taxi.
Got on another bus with me.
And we walked to my office.

She was delightful on our commute.  She likes riding the bus, she was pretty chill, and even though strangers kept talking to her she managed that pretty well.  When we got to Seattle she said, "Mama why is Seattle so loud?"

"Because you live on Vashon Island." was my response.
We sat on the back of the bus- she wanted to look out the window in the back.
All in all it was smooth.

Then we got to my office, I made a cup of coffee she had a glass of half and half with some chocolate syrup in it and mostly she played with the nativity set that was out and a box of random Catholic kitsch that had been donated to us, most of it was cheap necklaces and angels.  She loved it. Little by little she took everything out of every box, basket, file that she could reach and then trashed my office.  Though, she did clean it up, and lets be honest, my office was quite a mess before Junia ever entered the picture.

Sean met us for lunch, we grabbed cupcakes and finished off our day with a 40 minute bus ride to go 2 miles. It sucked but Junia was a rock star.  She finally had a meltdown at the last minute when I told her we had to get on the boat instead of go into a store (the bus took too long!).  We sorted it out and got on the boat.

She did such a good job and was so much fun.  I called her "coworker" all day which I think I found more amusing then she did.  But hey, it works!  So that's it! It was an awesome "bring your daughter to work day..."


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