Oh Christmas Tree----no such thing as emotional purity.

One of the secrets of adulthood that no-one tells you (and even if they did you wouldn't believe it) is that in adulthood nothing comes with pure good emotions.  Everything is a mixed bag of feelings in this grown up version of life.

This morning we bundled up (it is only 24 degrees outside brrr) and went hunting for our Christmas tree. There are (at least) 2 u-pick places on Vashon.  We have had some bad luck with Christmas trees on the roof of our car...so we went to the closest place.

U-Pick Christmas Tree adventures are on of those family things that seems like fun in theory but actually sucks. I think we parents do it hoping to give our children some kind of wonderful memory, and in actuality it is something only slightly less painful than on Christmas Vacation.

Today it was cold and the ground is frozen but usually it is muddy.  The saws are a POS and then there is the chaos of choosing, chopping, and hauling.  Oh isn't that so romantic and fun.  Um. No.

We don't have any good pictures for our Christmas card so thought we might get some of the girls in front of some Christmas trees:  As you can tell. It didn't work very well.

And then is anyone good at guessing what the tree will look like in your house? How tall are our ceilings? How wide is it? 

Thankfully I had read on another blog that bringing your own hand saw can be a good idea.  Well after yelling at Sean, "just choose a f'ing tree" we chose one.  And he sawed it down with grace, in less than 1 minute.  I apologized with guilt.  Then there is the price. We asked at the beginning because, of course, there was no sign indicating a price.  They verbal prices we asked about at the beginning are different than the one we were charged...grrrr. So be it.

We have a tree.  We implanted some memory that hopefully our daughters remember without the baggage that adulthood will eventually afford them.


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