Notes from growing family 10

It is cold and clear here.
Tomorrow I will get out my warmest coat and bundle up for the bus.

I have to work super late tomorrow.
I am dreading it.

But tonight there is a fire in the woodstove.
A dog asleep on the floor.
2 little girls bundled and resting in their beds
and Sean and I will soon finish a netflix movie...3rd night is a charm?

I had a wierd encounter with 2 conservative Catholic Mamas who are my age at church.
It stuck with me all day and bothered me.
Tonight I got sucked into the world of Catholic Mom Blogs, which are the opposite of Mormon Mom blogs which are full of craftiness and love and then sneak in the faith. The CMBs are full of faith and church and birthcontrol talk and sometimes have craftiness and love.

Then I wondered why no one considers this a Catholic Mom blog, and then I feel sad for what those 2 adjectives mostly signify for people.

I am reading this awesome book called Miriam's Kitchen by Elizabeth Ehrlrich.  It is about the Jewish American experience. I love it.  I have always wanted to be a Jew.  Except for Jesus- I can't seem to shake the Jesus thing.  But wow, I appreciate the private and public ritual of Judaism, the history and the diversity of practice...

We are getting our Christmas tree next weekend.
1 thing at a time. Slow slow.

My Mom is visiting in January, she is bringing a friend.  No not that kind of a friend.
What should we do on our visit?

I am crazy in love with my daughters.
Miriam talks all the time. She has so many words.
Junia lives in her imagination more than in this reality.
I adore her for that.

I am also crazy in love with Sean.
His patience with my issues, me need to be "perfectly _______" fill in the blank about something I am passionate about...and my struggle to hear critical feedback.

So that is that. Blessed be.


  1. Yeah, let's be the mormon bloggers of the catholic world... they have it figured out. :-) And I love Miriam's Kitchen! I read it back in our Boston days, and still think of it often.

  2. The second picture in this post - those smiles, those girls, that love; they are enchanting. I love the hint of mischief in Miwiam's eyes.



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