A house of large feet

The Doll half of our family has small feet.
I wore a size 6...until I had Junia...then 6.5...then I had Miriam. . . Now a 7.

But still, comparatively I have small feet.
Sean on the other hand has very large feet.
These are the genes of my children.

I thought Junia had large feet.
Well, in fact, she does have large feet.
Wearing a size 11 is substantial for a 4 year old.

That is until I realized just how quickly Miriam is plowing through shoes.
Miriam, who is only 2 (turned 2 in April) is wearing, comfortably a size 9.
She is now wearing shoes that Junia wore last summer!

Oh man, this girl and her clodhoppers!


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