Not much.

It's chilly today, and rainy too: unusual weather for July in the PNW.  Seriously today's high is 66.  Yup. 66 degrees. No wonder  I am feeling so chilly.

I am not sure if the weather matches my mood or has created my mood.  I'm still feeling tired or "beat" these days.  Pregnancy will do that.  

Today was supposed to be a work day but our childcare provider is sick.  Speaking of our childcare, we are hiring again!  Once again, our childcare person is just moving on to other things in life.  She doesn't want to be on the Island any more.  It makes sense. We will miss her; we also don't like hiring. We are kind of akward at it.

I am reading a 1940's Germany spy novel. It's the second I have read in a week.  It is messing with my brain. I might have to switch to some mind numbing book that is basically a romantic comedy in novel form---just to give my anxiety a break.

I am thinking of a couple of art projects to do with the girls this afternoon...we will see what happens there.  Well, hopefully this little list of random things will inspire me to some more blogging in upcoming days...


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