So this is the newest picture on our fridge.

Yup. It is an ultrasound photo. It is NOT of Miriam or Junia.  It is of some other mysterious child who will join our family in January.   With gratitude I am pregnant again.   Sean and I are feeling deeply aware of the tremendous privilege that having children with such ease really is!  So many people in our lives work so hard to acquire a family that they can offer their love so many ways we have been blessed with ease (we weren't even really looking for partnership when we started dating).

We are really excited to welcome a third child.  Though I confess I am less excited to welcome a third newborn.  I just kinda dread all the work that they can be.

Thus far I have been feeling mostly exhausted and pretty picky about food.  Though I am not AS tired as I was 4 weeks ago (I am now 12 weeks pregnant) I am really not able to shake the feeling of exhaustion and the sense of laziness.  I just can't pull my energy up.  It's a good thing we got the garden in at the end of April- because otherwise I don't know how I would pull it together.

Our energy for trim, painting cabinets, installing more flooring and other household tasks is really low these days.  Ugh, we gotta pull out of this slump.  Because 6 months from now there really won't be time for those things.


  1. Wow Congrats! Im hoping for a boy for you this time, although coming from a family of 3 girls that wouldn't be so bad either ;)

  2. Congratulations to you and Sean! And big sisters Junia and Miriam too!

  3. Aw thanks! I'm getting more excited...and honestly I am crazy ambivalent about the gender....some days I would love the opportunity to raise a son and sometimes I love the idea of a 3 daughter family...


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