Too much home.

I am a homebody. Proud and true I love being at home.

I like home projects.
I like domesticity.
I like the flowy schedule of home.
I like home.

A lot.

Except this week.
I have been at home too much.
WAAAAYYY too much.

Alex, our wonderful childcare provider has been sick.
So I didn't go to work this week.
So unexpectedly I ended up at home WAYYYY more than I thought I would be.
And WAAAAAYYY more than I wanted to be.

On top of it this week has been rainy and cloudy and chilly.
And I don't have any house projects going- as I am generally tiered all of the time.
And all of the sudden I am stir crazy.

Sean is going out of town this weekend.. He's going to a cousin's wedding.
I am a little bit desperate to go with him.
The girls weren't invited so we didn't even really consider us going. It's not logical.
But I am so jealous that he is going out of town.

Thankfully I have a friend coming to stay on Saturday night too keep me sane...
And, maybe we will go raspberry picking? Or go do something interesting??
I don't know, but for the first time in awhile, I gotta get out of here....


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