How does your garden grow?

For now 3 times I have stood in the garden and cried.  Or maybe not teared up and wept but my insides have ached with sadness.

I am sorry to say but my achy sad insides are not weeping for Robin Williams.  No, nothing so profound as actual human loss.  Three different times the deer have eaten my garden.  This last time, they had access to the garden for possibly days.  We just got back from vacation and a part of the fence was they went.  With our lovely veggies in their bellies.

So now, here on August 11th (my parent's anniversary btw), the sum total of what we have eaten from teh garden is this: 5 cherry tomatoes, 1 zucchini, 3 green beans, 2 strawberries.  It's sad.  Really really sad.

So here are some pictures of a a very very sad looking garden.

 These are our sad sad strawberries.

Here are some well nibbled tomatoes.

 Here are some laughably naked tomatoes and peppers.

The greenbean leaves have been totally devoured.

In addition to this they destroyed broccili, winter kale, cabbage, etc.  The hope however, is our squash and corn.  Things are looking okay.  Apparently the rough texture of squash keeps (our) deer away and the corn for whatever reason is also untouched.


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