Judge this.

Why are we all so afraid to admit that we judge people.

Judgement has become the worst of behaviors.  "I am not judging them but I don't approve of..."

um then yes, you are judging them.  And, maybe that's not so bad.

Maybe it would be better if we said, "I don't approve of ...but I don't think that is the entirety of who they are and maybe I need to be more curious about that."

What if, instead of denying that we are judging people- because we are! All the time! We tried to be curious about this thing that we also are judging.

What if instead of people judging me because I am fat...they asked me about what it is like to be in my body?
What if instead of judging the way I parent they asked me about why I make some of the choices I make?
What if instead of judging lifestyles we decided to be curious about difference.

 Bring on the judging.  Just bring some of your own work to it.


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