Parenting is conversion.

I love having a 2 year old.

I hate having a a 2 year old.

Except that really, I love it more than I hate it.  This two year old of ours, this Miriam kid, she is more stubborn than her older sister.  In fact, she is more of almost all the characteristics that make two year old's hard.  (stubborn, strong willed, fearless, bossy)

But the thrill of Miriam, and the tremendous difficulty is that she will not let us stop growing. She demands that Sean and I learn how to parent HER.  We would love to perfect our skills with Junia and then just move onto the next child.  Wouldn't we all?  But no, that is now what parenthood allow.  Come to think of it that is not what any relationship allows.

Miriam demands that we parent her.
In her particularities.
In her sweet aggressive belovedness.
In the way that she presses our buttons which is so different than the way that Junia presses our buttons.

And then, even on the days when we are sloppy chaotic parents, She usually offers us some love at the end of it.

Or at least, demands a kiss before bed.


  1. I could almost copy this line for line and replace all the Miriams with Grant and all the Junia with Rex. Good stuff.


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