To Junia.

My 5 year old is amazing.
(so is my two year old but this isn't about her.)

Today Sean is on call at the hospital.
So we all came into Seattle, went to our communal religious ritual and Sean went back to the hospital.

After lunch Miriam needed a nap, so we went in my office.
With Miriam in my office and she and I in the lobby we have just been  hanging out.
So peacefully! (she let me nap for 15 minutes!)
So creatively! (she made a card for everyone in our family including "newborn."
So so easy going this one.

I love that bringing her places is hardly more work.
That being with her is a joy.
That her independence is at moments sweet companionship.

Having older children is really awesome.


  1. I definitely agree having one older child go places with me is Awesome


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