Travel with kiddos- the punishment.

Sean and I are proud of how often we travel with our kids. We are humbled by how good they are at traveling on planes, trains and boats...we are charmed by our own habits of having a airplane backpack that sits in the front closet and the girls knowing which special travel toys are their favorites.

But before you all get jealous I figured i would stop you.

We got back from Illinois Monday evening after a long weekend with family, tornadoes and a near mugging. Oy ve.

But man we are eating it this week.  Sean and I are doing okay in terms of exhaustion, laundry, etc. But our kiddos are a hot mess.  Miriam had a meltdown out over which diaper to wear last night and tonight she had  meltdown about...everything.

Junia had crazy bout of jealousy that reared it's ugly head in pouting, crying, pouting more and having to take a time out.  It was only later at dinner that we even realized that the emotion was jealousy.  So the whole thing was just confusing and irritating for Sean and I.


  1. "so the whole thing was confusing and irritating"......I think that could kinda sum up early childhood parenting. Okay there is good to but also a whole lot of confusing and irritating!


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