1 week. 3 children.

We are a week into parenting this family of three children (and two adults) and what a treat a third child is!  Whatever buttons Thomas has the capacity to push in us is slim compared to the capacity his sisters have to push larger more demanding buttons.

They and we adore him and I see how youngest children get spoiled.  Everyone spoils them a little bit.
Junia is so brave when she holds him, "I don't mind when he cries." And since he is usually eating or sleeping or trying to achieve one of those things by fussing...he basically cries on his sisters.  She really can only tolerate it for several minutes but she is so good with him.  

Miriam was a bit worrisome in her introduction to him in the hospital, but here at home, in her own space, at her own pace she is delighted by him.  I confess I understand her hesitance. I hate having people mandate a certain response from me. Being forced into a certain set of feelings while everyone watches is brutal.  So Miriam...hats off to being yourself girl!

Sean, beloved Sean, has been holding town the fort here. Cooking so many meals, organizing the health insurance, dr's appointments, shuttling the girls, letting Thomas David and I rest and rest and snuggle.  TD nurses like a champ and is doing so well.  And, since I had a delightfully smooth delivery I have been quite comfortable and really able to enjoy the lounging about and getting out once a day.

So that's what's up. Falling in love. Managing to do dishes almost everyday. Checking email when I have a free hand, and soaking up some of the baby goodness, while I am the center of his little universe.


  1. I love seeing the photos! Thanks for sharing them. And the paragraph about Miriam is why I love you so much! <3

  2. I'm all verklempt. I'm so happy that you are settling into five so lovingly.



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