Still waiting. Still pregnant. How preparation for #3 is different.

These two girls are so ready for baby brother to be born- they are wearing his clothes!!!

I am still pregnant and ready to not be pregnant. Being in the window of full term is nice. Finally.

In fact, if I make it through Sunday I think I will be nearly free of things I need to do at work.  Oh sure there are always a couple things here and there. Truly though, not much.  Yesterday even I washed my dishes.  I only have 1 cup on my desk right now.  It's a professional miracle!

If I have this baby before Sunday- it will stress out a co-worker or 2 for like an hour but seriously- praise the Lord!
Sean is a little bit less ready I think. He has a couple other balls in the air at work and needs a few more days.  Personally I don't really care what his preferences are- I just want to be comfortable again.  Though I am not quite ready to work on any natural remedies----that is until Sean is feeling a bit more ready.

Anyway, our bag is packed. Our carseat our possession.  In fact,  both of them though are stored in my office as my office and the location of this big event are closer together than our residence.  And since we cannot predict which side of the water we will be on during labor we thought that having things on the Seattle-side was just easier....such is life when you live on an island.

There are a couple things about prep for baby #3 that I think are funny.
1. I don't care what this baby wears home from the hospital.  I grabbed whatever was at the top of the drawer.  (done).

2. I only want to wear comfortable sweatpants home from the hospital and for the foreseeable future.  I have no intention of looking nice for at least 3 weeks.

3. The "hospital bag" for us is not a bag to use during labor.  I don't want my clothes or candles or music or anything like that.  Anything I need will fit in my purse.

4. I am a bit over "rooming in." If this baby doesn't sleep the first night we might just send him to the nurses.  They can cuddle him. I want to sleep, then I'll cuddle him for a couple weeks in my sweatpants!

Alright. That's all I've got.  My brain is going numb. My back hurts. There is a skull digging it's way around my pelvis.  So onward and upward....


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