Baby's Room and sewing room Combined...

By 1990's American standards our house is not large.  We fit comfortably into our 1200 square feet.  Some days I am quite grateful that we don't have more space- then we would have more to clean!!!

Technically only 2 bedrooms we actually have 3- just one without a closet.  The girls have  shared a room since Miriam was born so we have maintained a guestroom/sewing room...but with baby #3 arriving soon we just couldn't do that.

So we re-organized the girls room (giving them a bunk bed with a double bed on the bottom so we kept the nice double-guest room mattress), eliminated the guestroom, and kept it as a bedroom/sewing room

Without spending much here is how things are shaping up!

Below is the picture from the hallway.  We painted 1 wall yellow and the rest of the walls are a grey-blue that they were before.  We hung bunting and lights from the ceiling for fun and visual appeal.  Junia and I made the bunting from the scrap fabric basket.

Here you can see the other half of the window.  You can also see the bins of Christmas stuff that need to be put away.  With those things moved there is a shelf there with blankets, CD player, breast know the basics. 

Here are 3 pictures along the crib wall. The art is all from things we already had...a baseball ticket, and some airline adds from the World's Fair when it was in Seattle. We actually purchased a diaper genie for this kid. Sean decided he was just totally done with the smell of dirty diapers.  At this point in the game we might as well know our limits and not!

Finally you can see below the closet (with those christmas bins). All of my fabirc and all of our extra linens are stored in the closet.  But I kept the sewing machine and stuff just to one wall.  It will involve some work to set up a project and clean up a project but should work while this kid isn't very mobile...and we will figure out a system when it is!

So that is that!  We didn't spend much money on this room.  We bought the dresser for $30. And Sean's parents gifted us with a new carseat. We had maybe another $150 of other stuff to buy...bottles, diapers, diaper genie, a handful of used clothes (though we already have more clothes than any child needs)...

Things are in order! Come on baby make an appearance!


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